1965 Chevy C10 longbed truck
$3500 cash only
Clean title and runs good and was my daily driver, I bought something with a little less rust (see below for more about rust)

350 engine
Mileage: I was told it had 77,000 on it when I bought it, I’ve added around 20,000 or less since 2010 using it as my daily driver (only a few of miles a day—I work from home.)
It does have a ticking and has had so since I bought it 10 years ago (see video link at bottom)

Manual shift (4 on the floor). Tranny: Muncie SM420 (granny gear)

The good stuffs
-tires in very good shape
-rebuilt tranny replaced in 2013
-fuel pump replaced in 2013
-front wheel bearing replaces 2014
-rear wheel bearings replaced in 2014
-left rear axle shaft replaced in 2014
-U joints replaces 2014
-New dual exhaust system from manifold back, 2016
-heater blower motor, resistor and gaskets replaced 2017
-master cylinder replaced 2018
-gas tank filler neck and grommets replaced 2018
-two cab mounts replaced in 2018, (and I have the other 2 for you to replace, you’ll just need to repair some rust first.)
-new fan belt 2018
-new rear shock absorbers 2018 (I have the new front shocks to go on it)

The not so good stuffs
-engine has an oil leak
-Lots of  rust in all the usual places. Following need replaced/repaired: Rocker panels, car corners, both door (bottoms), cab support braces, Floor pans
-wood in bed has a few spots rotted through
-doors: drivers side needs replaced right away as it sags (or repaired if handy with metal fab), passenger side soon to follow
-needs two cab mounts replaced (which I have as mentioned above)
-no seat belts (while not safe, it is legal according to Federal law to drive, 1966 and before grandfathered in) I have 1 lap belt that needs installed.
-drum brakes all around. They stop the truck fine, just have to drive more responsibly than if it had disc brakes, especially when braking on wet pavement.

Extra items
2 new front shocks I never got around to putting on.
1 lap seat belt I never got around to installing
2 cab mounts left to install
Spare tire

Video of interior: https://youtu.be/M_5QrRiGLWE
Video of engine: https://youtu.be/ntLgEFqoN20