Decade Coffee & Espresso Branding
Kentucky Derby Party Invitations 2016
Farmers Market shirts
Kansas Action for Children
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Kentucky Derby Party Invitations
Limestone Pizza Branding
Annual Report, KU Endowment, 2008
Hand Lettering
Mass Street Music Rebrand
Brochure series
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American Studies 60th Anniversary
HCORP Fabrication Visual Identity
Beautiful Music Violin Shop Visual Identity
Midday Ramblers CD
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Chancellors Club Gala Invitation
Red Lefty
My Wedding Invitation
Kentucky Derby Party Invitations
Pat Nichols CD
Hennecke Wedding Invitation
The Prairie Acre CD
The Sunflower Colonels CD
Annual Report, KU Endowment, 2012
Millspaugh Wedding Invitation
Annual Report, KU Endowment, 2010